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'The talk'

Black History Month has been and gone, but we, like many agree, that this should be a 12 month focus. Black History is British History and should take its place at the heart of our curriculum.

In 2021 we will be launching 'The Talk', a short film that has been produced as a resource for teachers and educational leaders. The film has been created to shine a light on the unconscious bias within our education system and furthermore highlight the institutional racism that in some cases still exists within schools today.

We are delighted to bring in our very own Musical Theatre Company Co-Director Shanté, who will be working with professional actor Nadia as well as our young people to bring the piece to life.

It is time 'The Talk' was heard and seen beyond the four walls it sadly exists.

2020 curtains closed

We made it. NGYT's 2020 has pretty much come to a close. On one hand we wish we could avoid the mention of the pandemic however it seems unavoidable for us not to talk about its impact on us all.

For the first time in 8 years it genuinely looked as if NGYT was over. Financially, as for many others, our business was unsustainable. The thought of not being able to work with you all is heartbreaking.

Somehow with your incredible support and the support of The DCMS & ACE we lived to fight another day. We still have a battle ahead and lots of measures are being put in place to help us recover and grow beyond this point.

We are immensely proud of our NGYT young people and families for the resilience they have shown despite the many difficulties and pressures this period has served. We have seen an inevitable rise in the number of young people struggling and this has only reminded us of our duty to care and support the wellbeing of our whole NGYT family. We truly hope you know we are here when you need us.

Creativity for many has curled up on the sofa for a well earnt rest, for some it has seemed impossible, for others it may even feel like its left them more permanently....however we have stood firm in the belief that our offer must continue. At a time when so many things have seemingly disappeared we have tried our best to be a constant, to provide consistency and that little bit of 'normal' that we all crave. We have remained here for you, both virtually and in person and we are incredibly grateful for how we have been able to sustain our connection.

Amidst all this we have been afforded time to reflect on our business and its core aims. We have been reminded about our original beliefs that Art must be for all, that inclusivity and accessibility are paramount, that ambition and aspiration must drive us all to believe in our abilities and the potential of our amazing community.

Virtual demos, wellbeing workshops, quiz nights, digital proms, 2 metre boxes, socially distanced dancing, youth panels, mentoring, industry workshops, funding campaigns....the list could go on and on. A quantity we are proud of however something we must also recognise as incredibly draining. 2021 will be a chance for us to really focus on what you need. To put all our energies into these priorities.

Thank you artists, thank you mentors, thank you families, thank you patrons, thank you teachers, thank you Luton.

And as always our love and thanks goes to all our young people, both present or on a break. We see you, we are grateful to you and we will always be here. #ngytfamily always. Be kind to yourself. Take this time to rest.

Season's Greetings to you all. Stay safe and reach out if you need us. We are here.

Love always

David & Laura