‘Untangled’ by Company Be

The incredible devised theatre makers of NGYT's Company Be invite you to the culmination of their hard work, dedication and self development:

Company Be Presents ‘Untangled’

‘Join us in a unique story and follow our journey together to this moment in space and time where honesty fell from our hearts as a collection of memories, friendships and parts; A swiftly infused community, connected by care and the strength to lift one another when our load becomes too heavy and the child inside forgets to play.’

Running time: 45 minutes

Tickets: FREE


DATE: Friday 5th April 2024
TIME: 7pm
LOCATION: Dunstable Icknield Lower School Hall Burr Street LU6 3AG


Writer: Company Be in collaboration with David Lloyd
Director: David Lloyd
Movement Director: N/A
Assistant Director: Carl Connelly Youth Mentor: Aryan Sherifi
Designer: Lauren Connolly Design
Lighting and Production: Event Production Live

"What a rollercoaster we've been on together. Company Be shone like the stars they are. You told your stories, you took your space, you gave yourself to one another with generosity and empathy and you made a community."
David Lloyd, Director