How can I be a #postpoet ?

1. All you need to do is to select a template (see the 3 our lovely Jason has made for you below), download it and print.
If you don't have a printer then simply write on something you already have at home.
Just remember to sign off as the #postpoet and include the link for more info.

Acrostic Template

Typewriter Template with lines

Freestyle lighthearted template without lines

2. Write out your poem - It's a challenging time for many at the moment so we encourage you to spread some joy and hope through your words. Keep it positive and appropriate and make someone smile.

3. Lastly - Pop it through a letterbox. This could be your neighbour, someone you know who is struggling or maybe someone who lives on their own. Please make sure you follow Government guidelines regarding social distancing.

If you're now thinking 'Who came up with this cheery, crafty and creative plan?' click the button below to find out exactly who NGYT really are.

The NGYT Story

received a poem?

If you received a poem from the #postpoet and want to say thank you then please type away in the box below. Please let us know your town or city as we'd love to get an idea of how far the #postpoet is travelling.
We promise it won't sign you up for anything or automatically subscribe you to an annoying mailing list. We will literally receive your message and be able to read it and share the good feeling.

  • just a note to say thank you...

We'd also love for you to pop a pic of your poem on any of your social media pages. Just be sure to thank and acknowledge the #postpoet in your online message.
EG. Just received this amazing poem from the #postpoet (insert pic of poem)