NGYT Dance 3-18

Timetable & Fees

Beginners Contemporary Technique (6-12)
A technique class for dancers new to contemporary dance where we introduce the foundations of contemporary dance and work on strength, ballet based technique, how to work with the floor and understanding how to hold weight.

Intermediate Contemporary Technique (10-16)
A more advanced approach to contemporary dance technique working on the foundations of contemporary dance while continuing to build strength and stamina of our dancers.

iGen Dance Company (6-16)
Aimed at young people aged 6-16 with an interest in contemporary dance. Contemporary Dance at NGYT is about using the body to tell a story, floor work, fall and release, contact work (lifts), improvisation and developing the dancers own movement vocabulary. The group work alongside choreographers to create a variety of dance works ranging from short performance routines to longer pieces of dance theatre. iGen Dance Company is a stepping stone to auditioning for the critically acclaimed auditioned NGYT Dance Company (ages 14-25). Throughout the year the iGen Dance Company have the opportunity to perform at dance platforms across the county as well as local events and curtain raisers for the Senior Companies.

Gen Alpha Street & Gen Z Street Dance Groups (3-11)
Children are taught a range of dance styles to popular songs and encouraged to work theatrically combining dance and theatre. The classes actively develop the children's own creativity and confidence and allow them the opportunity to input into the choreography. The classes are designed to be fun as well as develop dance skills, performance skills and improve self esteem and self confidence. The children are given performance opportunities throughout the year through in house performances as well as the chance to perform at community events.

iGen Street Dance Company (11-18)
Aimed at dancers aged 11-18 our iGen Street Dance Company is a performance based group with a passion for Street Dance. Dancers work with industry professional Tanisha Daniel to create exciting pieces of Street Dance Theatre while also developing their skills in a variety of Street Dance Styles including Hip Hop, House, Commercial, Freestyle, Locking and popping. As with all our companies and groups the young people are actively encouraged to input creatively into the work and work alongside the choreographer to develop their own ideas.

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