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By becoming a Friend of NGYT CIC you can help children and young people of all ages access arts activities to express themselves, stay creative and stay well.

Friends of NGYT support our work with a monthly donation via Direct Debit or PayPal from as little as just £1.

There is no fixed amount and we treat all our Friends equally, whatever you are able to give. Your support and advocacy is the most important thing.

As a Friend of NGYT we will send you newsletters about what we get up to. If you do not want to receive our newsletters you can opt out at any time via your inbox.

Any donation means the world to us. If you are unsure what would help NGYT and the young people we support we have included some suggested amounts on the donation page linked above.

We Care. We Listen. We Create. Together.

donate to ngyt monthly via paypal
NGYT Donate to Help Us

other ways you can Donate monthly

If you don't own a PayPal account and would prefer to set up a Direct Debit Instruction for monthly donations to NGYT, this can be made easily with your Bank or Building Society. You can choose the amount or cancel this at any time.

Learn how to set up a monthly direct debit here