Written By David Lloyd

Performed on 5th October 2016 at The Stockwood Park Academy,
in partnership with Beds Police.
Tickets: Free

In a town like our own, with ever growing cultural misunderstanding and conflict, it’s about time we gave our young people an insight into the damaging impact of Islamophobia.

”Coz I look around the room and I see fear in their eyes
and I know this is fuelled by hate and lies
and I know it’s not you all but one’s enough
One soon becomes everyone when shared online and stuff”

What people said about Activhate-

“I had high expectations given their previous work, but was not expecting them to get to the crux of this complex issue and portray it in such an effective and sensitive way. Their insightful writing and the sheer power of their performance had exactly the desired effect on our audience.”
Simon Bullock, Policy Works

‘Thought provoking play about Islamophobia at today’s Youth Hate Crime Workshop in Luton”
Central Beds Council

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