The NGYT Story

NGYT was set up in early 2012 by Laura and David Lloyd with the purpose of providing high quality, accessible and inclusive theatre, dance and arts opportunities to the young people of Luton.

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what makes us unique?

NGYT work with and for young people; Our focus is on platforming and shining a light on the unique personalities and voices within our groups and companies.

NGYT young people are nurtured and encouraged to tell THEIR stories and express their feelings and thoughts about the world around them.

Creativity is within all of us and at NGYT we showcase and celebrate the imaginations and visions of all young people, fostering self-belief, self-worth and individual artistry. 

A syllabus, curriculum, exam criteria, known scripts and steps are far from part of the NGYT experience;
Of course all of these things have their place within Arts education, however at NGYT we provide a further space for young people to make and shape original performances together.

where and when

classes, groups and companies

Tier One: 0-18 years. Arts For All. We have a range of weekly dance, theatre, musical theatre and arts activities, mixed ability groups and companies where the aim is to learn new skills, build confidence, have fun and share your own creative voice.

Tier Two: 14-25 years. Auditioned Companies. We have a youth theatre company and youth dance company. We create high quality, professionally minded work with the aim to capture and reflect the creativity, thoughts and stories of young people locally. Our companies create and produce their own original work. Together with a creative team of professionals the company discuss and share their own stories, explore their own unique voices and opinions and work collaboratively to devise their own shows. Shows are then performed in professional venues and toured locally and nationally.

NGYT create Theatre and Dance with young people. Our work is always written and devised collaboratively by members of the team or supported by external arts practitioners.

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NGYT In the community

Collaborate with Us
NGYT not only recognise the importance and impact of the arts on young people but also lead and collaborate on creative projects for the benefit of wider communities.

NGYT In Education

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NGYT is an Artsmark Partner, Arts Award Supporter and an active partner of the Luton Cultural Education Partnership. NGYT deliver and create bespoke theatre, dance & arts programmes and performances across schools and colleges within Luton and the surrounding areas.


Our ethos

We at NGYT believe that all young people should be given the opportunity to access affordable high quality arts experiences and in turn be provided with a platform to creatively present the thoughts, feelings, imaginations and stories of their generation. We believe in theatricality and the next generation of storytelling and this is very much the focus of our creative approach and style. We pride ourselves on providing young people with as many opportunities to do this as possible, in a fun, family orientated, highly ambitious, creative, collaborative and supportive learning environment.

We are also incredibly aware of the vital role the arts plays in terms of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people. As partners of Young Minds UK we regularly share resources and guidance with our young people and families and are always looking to develop our skills and understanding in this important area of our work.

#NGYTFamily We believe in the importance of community and recognise the role young people play in creating a positive legacy that will continue to serve and reward their community for generations to come. We believe in Luton and an artistic future that is driven by our next generation. We believe in collaboration and partnerships and work hard to build positive relationships with local and national creatives who share our values. We believe that art has the power to transform lives and make a difference to the world. We believe in young people.

We Care. We Listen. We Create.
We are NGYT.

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NGYT Highlights 2022-23

Check out NGYT's journey through our 2022-23 #NGYTHighlights video and learn more about what we do.

Love and light to all who joined us and made these memories possible.

Thank you #NGYTFamily

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NGYT in the media 

In 2023 we were selected among thousands of youth theatre groups and charities to feature on BBC 1's Big Night of Musicals and perform to over 12,000 people alongside Beverley Knight, Jason Manford and the Pendleton School Choir.
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