NGYT Musical Theatre Company Presents: Unveiled

For centuries in the royal household, when the eldest child turns 18, they are set to become Majesty.

With Lilia’s Royal unveiling fast approaching, she can’t help but ponder about a life beyond the Royal Kingdom and all the possibilities it holds.
Pressure is building from all directions… Will Lilia be able to fit the mould that her Father and so many others have planned for her?

Devised and created by NGYT’s all ability Musical Theatre Company.


DATE: Sunday 30th June
TIME: 2pm and 5:30pm
LOCATION: The Hat Factory Arts Centre 65 - 67 Bute Street Luton LU1 2EY


Writer: Hannah Hill in Collaboration with the Company
Director: Hannah Hill
Movement Director: Laura LLoyd
Singing: Ronan Fountain and Rebekah Taylor