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Gen Z Drama Group (drama classes for children aged 3-11)
In this group children will be introduced to the world of drama and theatre in weekly classes making and performing in the most fun and creative way possible.
The Gen Z Drama Group explore and discover a range of styles and approaches to creating theatre, working as a group using both their bodies and voices to express their creativity and storytelling.

In this group we actively develop creativity and allow our young people the opportunity to contribute their own ideas. As well as having fun we focus on developing the fundamental performance skills required for all budding actors as well as improving self esteem and confidence in our young people.

Every term our Gen Z Drama Group will be given the opportunity to perform their creations to their parents and families, showing off their new skills and storytelling as young theatre makers.

iGen Theatre Company (ages 11+)
In the iGen Theatre Company weekly classes we build and develop the same core drama and theatre skills covered in the 3-11 year olds group. There is however a greater focus on our young people creating drama and theatre based on their own ideas which gives them the opportunity to express themselves creatively and emotionally.

The iGen Theatre Company is a stepping stone to auditioning for the critically acclaimed auditioned NGYT Theatre Company (ages 14-25).

The young company are given performance opportunities throughout the year through in-house performances as well as the chance to perform at community events.

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