The butterfly catcher / In doing nothing I found me

Written by David Lloyd

Co Devised by Laura Lloyd and the Theatre Company

Hello and welcome, tonight you will be joining me (Simmy) on a camcordered (if that is a word) adventure, capturing and charting the final days of school.

And what unites us all is our corridors/chairs our text books & our teachers. We are the class of 2017 & they say this is the most important year of our lives so far. But what they forget to say is, that it’s also the most scary and confusing year too.

But don’t worry soon it’ll all be passed…

Join our next flight on 22nd April 2017 at The Hat Factory

Matinee: 4:30pm

Evening: 7:30pm

Tickets: £10 (£8 conc)

The Butterfly Catcher was first performed at the Library Theatre, Luton in July 2014 and then The Brighton Fringe in May 2015.

The Brighton Fringe (England’s largest arts festival) was a huge success for The Butterfly Catcher winning the prestigious Brighton Fringe Award for outstanding theatre and being short-listed for the Brighton Fringe Award for Theatre as well as receiving a nomination for The South of England Best New Play Award. The NGYT company also collected a number of 4/5 star reviews from Fringe Guru, Broadway Baby & The Latest 7.

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The Butterfly Catcher

Written By David Lloyd

Co- Devised by NGYT Theatre & Dance Companies

With a mirror held up to the world we see our imperfections and we hear not only our stories but those too of people that sometimes simply disappear in their silence. Five finely laced stories, inter-woven amidst spoken word, dance theatre and verbatim...a play that bravely asks and answers questions about our own individual hopes and dreams; set against the backdrop of England's ever pouring rain. We invite you to hear us, hear them and join the conversation; in search of a place that we all long for...a place we can be ourselves...a place we can call home.
Age guidance: 14+ due to themes and language.
NGYT revisit their 2018 sellout devised show Laced Within Our Borders with the next generation of young people.

9th April 2020
7.30pm onwards

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In Doing Nothing I Found Me

Written By David Lloyd

Co- Devised by NGYT Theatre Company

Turn the page and peer deep inside a young mind struggling to find himself; Lost within space, caught between the waves “…stuck….and we can’t get out coz well it’s easier to stay put than to face the day, to get up, pick out the right clothes and put on the right face. And during this daily routine that has since become known as my life, I constantly feel like I’m waiting for something big….like really big you know right?”

Join Peter on an adventure into the unknown, a story of discovery, a journey through everything to find something or nothing. Either way it’s a journey we all will face, head on.

‘In Doing Nothing I Found Me’ will be at The Hat Factory Luton on the 29th April 2017

Matinee: 4:30pm

Evening: 7:30pm

Tickets: £10 (£8 conc)

Find out what the company thought about their work in progress performance back in Feb 2016.

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