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NGYT’s award winning Theatre Company is made up of young people aged 14-25 who are taking GCSE Drama or are studying similar subjects at College or University as well as graduates, semi professional and professional actors/performers.
The company meet for 2 hours a week developing material and ideas for their own original work or commissioned pieces.

Notably the Theatre Company have performed at the Brighton Fringe Festival winning the Fringe Review and Fringe Guru Award for Outstanding Theatre as well as receiving 5* reviews.

“This is youth theatre at its very best” - Fringe Review


The group create devised theatre in its many forms in collaboration with Co- Artistic Directors David and Laura Lloyd and Assistant Director Bethan.

The aim is to create high quality, authentic, exciting, inventive and challenging pieces of  theatre to be performed at local and regional venues as well as community platforms and festivals.

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In Theatre Company's recent piece, 'Be Still The Tide' audiences said:

“Never. Never. NEVER. Have I been so thought provoked and been so greatly invested in this amazing and touching subject matter... It has put every other professional piece of theatre to shame. And LUTON did this. "

"I was absolutely blown away by the talent, passion and care... It kinda left me speechless, In fact I cried after the show, I was so touched"

"It was EPIC! You are incredible at what you do for young people in Luton"

"Powerful, moving, incredible"
Sam and Ki (AWNTY)
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NGYT Theatre Company hold open auditions once a year. If you'd like to know more please complete our sign up form and we will be sure to send you more information about the company and our next audition dates.

In the meantime if you have any questions simply email our company director and he'll be happy to help.

"Beautiful art... expressed and created by like minded young individuals truly puts a smile on my face as I can say proudly that 'we the youth have what it takes to hold the reigns.' Thank you for allowing us - the youth - to have an opportunity to prove ourselves."

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