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With a mirror held up to the world we see our imperfections and we hear not only our stories but those too of people that sometimes simply disappear in their silence. Five finely laced stories, inter-woven amidst spoken word, dance theatre and verbatim…a play that bravely asks and answers questions about our own individual hopes and dreams; set against the backdrop of England’s ever pouring rain. We invite you to hear us, hear them and join the conversation; in search of a place that we all long for…a place we can be ourselves…a place we can call home.
NGYT revisit their 2018 sellout devised show Laced Within Our Borders with the next generation of young people.


DATE: 20200830

TIME: 7.30

LOCATION: Luton Library Theatre

LWOB 3 from Laura on Vimeo.

"Fantastic performance"

LL Cool Jay


Writer: David Lloyd

Co-devised by: NGYT Theatre & Dance Companies

Production partner: Mark

Lighting Mark
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