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Easily You

Written By David Lloyd

Performed on 22nd September 2018
St Georges's Square

"Have you ever been stood at the edge of the road?
Eyes down, hood up, no where to go
Seen it all already, no surprises no shock
Been sat outside a courtroom with my brother in the dock,
At 11 I've already been excluded from 2 local schools
I seem to be quite good at breaking the rules
My Mum, she's alright, I know she wants best
But to be fair I ain't easy so I seem to just test
her patience....her love....I guess that's just me
Eyes up, ears prick, I'm listening, 14
And there's this guy...a mate of my brothers from school
He's been to my house so my Mum's pretty cool
with him dropping in and checking we're ok
I guess he's looking out for us cos my brother's away."