Hello and Welcome to Next Generation Youth Theatre

NGYT was set up in early 2012 by Laura and David Lloyd with the purpose of providing high quality, accessible and inclusive dance and drama opportunities to the young people of Luton.
As a CIC (community interest company) NGYT not only recognise the importance and impact of the arts on young people but also lead and collaborate on creative projects for the benefit of the wider community.

"A great addition to Luton Life."

− Jack Thorne | Patron

"NGYT is a great community based activity club that encourages all children to blossom. The welcoming and happy environment at the sessions gives us parents a sense of security knowing how happy our children will be after their session."

− Rob | Parent

"My children have between them hyperactivity, dyslexia and dyspraxia, as a parent I have taken them to different groups/clubs and this is the first group where they have been accepted as no different from any other child, which is so refreshing and is credit to the wonderful teachers at NGYT.
From the very first session there was no hesitation and in the car on the way home, I quote my youngest “I love it, when do I go again”. I can say a year on and they still love going back. I do believe some people are born to teach, Laura and David thank you so much for creating NGYT."

− Issy | Parent

"Youth Theatre at it's best!"

− Brighton Fringe Festival Review

"Excellent... relevant, touching and most of all, important."

− Broadway Baby Review

"I think being part of NGYT has made me more confident and made me realise that even though I’m not very big yet I can still do a lot."

− Lenni | Student

"Winner of the Luton Community Arts Award 2015"

"NGYT surprised me. I had high expectations given their previous work, but was not expecting them to get to the crux of this complex issue and portray it in such an effective and sensitive way. Their insightful writing and the sheer power of their performance had exactly the desired effect on our audience."

− Simon Bullock | Policy Works