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Now for the real hard work.

We caught up with some of the Theatre Company after the show.

Q.1 How do you feel the work in progress showing went and what do we need to improve and develop for the April shows?

Michelle- I feel like the work in progress showing went well! Those I invited gave a very positive response, but before April we’ll definitely need to develop our physical movements and ensure everything is at the highest standard possible – with hard work, we’ll hopefully be able to achieve our full potential

Chloe- I think the work in progress performance went well as there was loads of great feedback and that feels good. I believe that we now need to work on the physicality of some scenes so they run smoother.


Q.2 what do you think the set and projected animations will add to the April shows that was perhaps not achieved at the work in progress showing?

Rhys- I think the set and  animated projections will allow the audience to get a more in depth  understanding of Peter’s mind and feelings and also how he sees himself as a person. I also think it will allow the  audience to understand the problems that he faces in his life which  wasn’t quite achieved in the work in progress showing.

Molly- I think it’ll make the audience feel a lot more involved and immersed within the piece and more part of it. I think it’ll give them a greater insight into Peter’s mind too.


Q.3 So how do we go about selling out 2 nights?

Molly- Building stronger relationships within the community from now until April and letting them know what we’re about. And promotion. Lots of promotion!

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Q.4 What do we have to do in rehearsals between now and the April shows?

Michelle- Work extra hard together as a company in and out of sessions, as well as take on board notes to make sure that the April show represents our best work!

Darina- I think it’s worth doing some ensemble exercises in company rehearsals also; Where we all learn to be more instinctive and really connect with one another.

Hannah- I think we all need to come in every week, ready to work and put our all into it with full commitment. I think we should aim to keep improving week on week! Also keep building on relationships, trust each other and always work together to get the piece to where it needs to be.


Q.5 From the feedback we received at the work in progress show what did you learn about the play and your performances?

Corey- I learnt how clearly multi faceted the piece is and how many different aspects are being picked up on by the audience. I also learnt that the ending must be effective as people clearly want some sort of positive resolution.


Q.6 What should our April audience expect to see? Sell it!

Hannah- I think the audience should expect to be taken on a roller coaster ride! I think they’ll laugh, cry and see an adventure they’ll want to join in with. I think it will bring out everyones inner child!

Corey- They should see an engaging, technically effective and performative piece of theatre.

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