Who are Ten 29?

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We are delighted to announce Ten 29 Theatre Collective as our new Associate Artists. Take a read to find out more.

Ten 29

So who are Ten29? How did you meet? Tell us a little about yourself?

Ross & Kirstie- Ten 29 are an East Midlands based performance company. Our focus is on creating performances that utilise people stories and experiences to discuss wider social and political issues. We both met through the performing arts degree at De Montfort University and found that we we both interested in creating theatre that provoked discussions amongst audiences and allowed new audiences to engage with theatre without coming across as preachy.
What are your links to NGYT and how do you feel about being associate artist of NGYT?
Ross- It feels really exciting to be associate artist of NGYT. With it being primarily the two of us we are always looking for opportunities to get feedback on our work so for NGYT to help us with this will be really help us to generate the best performances we can.
Kirstie- I attended NGYT as a part of their theatre company while I was in college as well as being a part of their musical theatre classes and dance classes. NGYT helped inspire my love for devising and so when choosing courses at university a strong tie to devising became important for me which is why I chose De Montfort and subsequently started my own company!
What is the dream of Ten29?
Ross- Besides the completely ludicrous dreams of wanting to win Tony and Olivier Awards (but hey! who knows?) It would be great if Ten29 were able to help start discussions around some of the social and political issues that are happening in todays. Beyond that we are really interested in working beyond the UK and highlighting some of the connections we all share with people from across the world. Already through our performances, ‘A Place by the Sea’ and ‘Hope, Sanctuary and Place’ we’ve been able to discuss some difficult topics as well as building connections between our audiences and those of people from across the globe.
Kirstie- So of course we want our work to be recognised and to show our work to as many people as possible in some of our favourite venues! But I guess the core of what we are doing is trying to raise awareness of certain topics, start discussions and ultimately get people thinking! We also want to help to encourage young people to love the arts as much as we do through workshops and our performances!
And lastly outside of theatre for a moment your fav words? fav foods? fave places at uni and at home? Unique facts about you?
Ross- Being Scottish I have to admit that drench is one of my favourite words. I’ve yet to find another word that has the same meaning and beyond that it just feels brilliant to say.
Easily, it’s Mexican food. Since I was a kid if I am ever asked what food I would love to eat it’s Mexican. One of my favourite places whilst at uni is St Martins Coffee shop. I’m a massive lover of good coffee and it’s a really nice place to chill for a bit or get a bit of work done and the peanut butter brownies can’t be beat! In Edinburgh, it’s anywhere in the old town, particularly the Cowgate and Grassmarket for me that sums up everything that’s great about Edinburgh.
Top three unique facts about me would be that I appeared as an extra in season 2 episode 3 of Pramface with a really dodgy haircut (it’s on Netlflix if you want to check for yourself) I’ve got a one eyed goldfish and I ave a 8 foot tall Statue of Liberty lamp in my living room.
Kirstie- Triskaidekaphobia. What a great word but slightly strange fear.
Favourite foods- pizza, pasta, nachos… If it’s covered in cheese and is full of carbohydrates apparently I’m a fan.
Fave place – I really like a coffee shop in Leicester called bru. I don’t like coffee BUT they have a lot of great shakes and hot chocolates and they have great decor.
Unique fact – I can touch my nose with my tongue

Ross Thomson and Kirstie Johnston

Co-Artistic Directors Ten 29 Theatre collective

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