What has Hannah Rediscovered?

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Q. First of all tell us a little bit about Rediscovered?

A. Rediscovered is a celebration of the rich history surrounding Wardown House, which has recently been refurbished. The event on the 20th May will see children from various primary schools (and also from NGYT!) perform their own historical pieces about Wardown and our town as the audience walk from room to room. It will be a day where our community comes together to not only appreciate our history but also to see young people perform and take part! It’s going to be exciting so don’t miss out!

Q. Did you learn anything about the venue that you didn’t already know? What have you Rediscovered (see what I did there?)

When I was researching the venue for the project, there was so much I found out! I never knew there was a farm on the site before it became a family home. My favourite fact that I (Re)discovered is that during World War I, it was turned into a Military Hospital for wounded soldiers. I even found the original call out for donations for food and equipment that the nurses sent out to the community. Incredible!

Q. What has it been like working with 4 different groups of young people from across the town?

It’s been such a privilege to see so many young people have so much enthusiasm for the project! The best part of the job is seeing all the groups having fun, throwing themselves in but also learning something about the town they live in. I feel really lucky to be a part of that! I’m proud to be a Lutonian and through doing this project, I want them to come away feeling the same!

Q. Why should people come and see Rediscovered?

I would love people to come and see Rediscovered as it’s an event dedicated to Luton and it’s history. All the children involved have been working really hard and have shown so much heart in their pieces! It will be a really positive, lovely day. I want people to come along and enjoy it as much as we all have!

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