The Little Things

Choreographed By Laura Lloyd

Co-Devised By NGYT Dance Company


Next Generation Youth Theatre’s Dance Company, NGYD (Next Generation Youth Dance) present their debut dance theatre piece ‘The Little Things’.

‘The Little Things’ is a reflective and observational theatrical offering that merges contemporary dance, interviews with locals and direct address; Capturing the seemingly little things we love and in some cases the little things we hate.


‘If you could bottle the feeling of flipping a pillow and receiving the cold crisp kiss on your cheek, you’d be a bloody millionaire ….. and if you could rid the world of all those people who think it’s acceptable to leave crumbs in the butter, the world would be a better place’.

Date: Tuesday 28th May, 2013
Time: 19:30 – 20:30
Cost: £10 / £8 concessions