"Laura and David are two of the most supportive, caring and inspirational teachers I have ever worked with. Throughout the 8 years that I have known and been taught by them I have had several opportunities to perform in musicals allowing me to work with professional companies. There is no doubt that without Laura and David’s teaching, encouragement and support I would have been able to experience and enjoy these achievements. Working with them has given me the inspiration to pursue performing arts as more than an activity once a week. I will forever be grateful for the skills they have taught me and the confidence they have instilled in me. "

− Sophie (student)

"I owe it all to Laura and David for their consistent support, time and guidance over the years. They have not only given me the foundations to express and communicate through performance on many different levels, but they have also taught me vital life skills and instilled a confidence in me that I didn’t know I had!
David and Laura are exceptional tutors with admirable knowledge, and I feel privileged to have been trained by such inspiring people. Thank you for giving me the roots to grow and the wings to fly!!"

− Molly (student)

"Never have I had a tutor more enthusiastic and more skilled in their profession than Laura. My lessons with her have given me memories and techniques that will last me a long time, and I'm writing this 4 years after!"

− Jack (student)

"Laura and David are exceptional and inspirational teachers. They are approachable, supportive and encouraging and are clearly adored by their students. In the 8 years I have had the pleasure of knowing them I have seen students grow in confidence and ability, both on and off the stage. Classes are the right mix and balance of fun, discipline and student input. Younger students learn new skills whilst the more capable older students are given the opportunity to work on challenging pieces and are encouraged to input their own ideas to develop their own creativity and choreography skills. David and Laura have produced some amazing and moving pieces of choreography and drama and I would recommend them without hesitation. "

− Jan (Parent)

"Laura created a tailor made physical theatre dance/movement workshop for my GCSE students in 2011. An inspirational experience for all involved that students still talk about today. David is a fantastic communicator of ideas. He leads workshops with drive, creativity and imagination. The atmosphere he creates motivates young people to feel empowered to push their skills to the limit. "

− Tim (Drama Teacher)

"I always looked forward to my dance class. Laura taught me for several years and was a great dance teacher, full of enthusiasm and positivity. She helped me with my confidence as a dancer and her lessons were never boring or too strict, they were always fun and upbeat!"

− Harriette (student)

"Laura was consistently an approachable, encouraging and supportive teacher. Working with her gave me the opportunity to improve my dancing to an even higher level and become aware of opportunities within the performing arts industry. It was a pleasure to be taught by her."

− Amy (student)

"Thank you so much for your time and brilliant dance and drama displays at the playday."

− Claire (Play developer Children's links)

"He is without doubt one of the best teachers that I know. He is passionate for the dramatic arts and he cares about his students. This enables him to form a great relationship meaning a great working environment. He has helped me to grow in confidence and become proud of myself and my work."

− Meghan (student)

"I think being part of NGYT has made me more confident and made me realise
that even though I’m not very big yet I can still do a lot."

− Lenni (student)

"My children have between them hyperactivity, dyslexia and dyspraxia, as a parent I have taken them to different groups/clubs and this is the first group where they have been accepted as no different from any other child, which is so refreshing and is credit to the wonderful teachers at NGYT.
From the very first session there was no hesitation and in the car on the way home, I quote my youngest “I love it, when do I go again”. I can say a year on and they still love going back. I do believe some people are born to teach, Laura and David thank you so much for creating NGYT."

− Issy (parent)

"I personally think NGYT is different from any other drama club in the local area (luton) as it is led by Laura and David, who deliver a strong, inspiring message, and work professionally. NGYT is something I wish to keep in my life for a long time, going to the 11+ drama class has built my confidence so much, and it has inspired me to aim for joining the NGYT company one day, and to achieve what I know I can, with the help of all those around me who also want the same."

− Kelsey (student)

"My 7 year old daughter would dance her heart out at home. As a dance teacher myself I could see her natural and raw ability for Contemporary Dance but was frustrated that it was strictly for our eyes only. We tried a couple of dance schools but she wasn’t enjoying it. Then I found NGYT and we went along...BAM! My daughter finally found someone who knew how to bring out the best in her, help her to grow, to shine and to perform for the first time! She has never looked back. Laura and David are fantastic and I can’t speak highly enough about their passion and commitment – they are true ambassadors for young people and the arts. NGYT thank you with all my heart."

− Stephanie (parent)

"I think that’s what David and Laura have always wanted, from the very beginning - to offer real experience; not ‘wishy washy’ amateur dramatics. You couldn’t ask for a better pair of teachers, mentors and friends to guide you through the brutal performing arts world. The amount that David and Laura put into NGYT and its performers far exceed the amount of money each performer pays."

− Matthew (student)

"NGYT is like a home from home for me, and i'm pretty sure every other student and parent would agree. Not only do Laura and David offer an amazing array of classes, they also offer an enormous amount of support, coaching and positivity. It's a chance for kids, teens and even adults aged 4+ to grow, make friends, develop artistically and socially. I absolutely love it!"

− Shannon (Student)

"David and Laura, have a genuine passion for the arts and will find something amazing in everyone they work with. NGYT, is a sign of their commitment and endless hard work. There is no doubt, a wonderful future ahead!"

− Karina (Local College Tutor)

"NGYT is a great community based activity club that encourages all children to blossom. The welcoming and happy environment at the sessions gives us parents a sense of security knowing how happy our children will be after their session."

− Rob (Parent)

"NGYT students did you proud tonight. Lealands are so proud to have you as our partners."

− Hayley Tate, (Head of Dance), Lealands High School

"Laura and David inspire all their students to achieve their potential in a friendly and welcoming environment. There is so much fun and learning to be had at NGYT. David and Laura's input in helping my daughter with her University auditions has been invaluable and I know she will miss NGYT when her University adventure begins. Thank you."

− Andrea (Parent)

"Every time I come and watch the work of NGYT I am inspired. Not only by the creativity and energy I see but also by the innovation, sheer talent and thoughtfulness of the work. I go to watch NGYT to be inspired like I would any other professional work and then remember that this is a youth theatre company and then I am even more inspired. The work you do is fantastic-I hope it lasts for many more moons to come."

− Helen Parlor (Patron)

"I love 6.30pm on a Friday when I pick my six year old up from musical theatre. She is always buzzing about what she has done that night. It's great to watch such a diverse age group of children and young people working together. She is learning so much on so many different levels. NGYT is also the first group she has been to on her own with out friends there for support. Thanks guys for all the time you give to enable the young people of luton to have these opportunities."

− Shannon (Parent)

"Acting has always been something I've been passionate about and it's all thanks to the teaching of David and Laura when they were both teachers at Stagecoach. David inspired me to follow my dreams and started my love for the arts. I am currently training at Guildford School of Acting and it wouldn't have happened without their wonderful teaching. Such incredible teachers, who care about their students so much. Can't praise them enough!"

− Katie, GSA

"After joining Stagecoach at a young age I soon discovered a love for the arts. David and Laura have been such a huge part of my career, they both are the most supportive, motivating, talented and caring teachers you could ever have. They have both inspired me from the first lesson I had with them 12 years ago, I loved every minute working with them both and to this day continue to follow my dreams due to their continued support and encouragement. Such incredible people!"

− Sophie Nash (former student)

"Fantastic to see so much talent and hard work from all of NGYT."

− Steve Crayon, (Head of Performing Arts), Luton Sixth Form

"NGYT surprised me. I had high expectations given their previous work, but was not expecting them to get to the crux of this complex issue and portray it in such an effective and sensitive way. Their insightful writing and the sheer power of their performance had exactly the desired effect on our audience."

− Simon Bullock (Policy Works)

"What an honour it was to create and perform alongside NGYT- a most brilliant youth theatre with talent and commitment in equal measure."

− Nathan Curry - Tangled Feet

"You guys have been an absolute delight to work with! I have been so impressed and moved by your enthusiasm and commitment throughout."

− Celine McKillion- Project Manager Imagine Festivals

"You two, your company and your participants are a credit to your town and you deserve all the love."

− Jamie Arden - Executive Producer Watford Palace Theatre