"You two, your company and your participants are a credit to your town and you deserve all the love."
Jamie Arden
Executive Producer Watford Palace Theatre

"What an honour it was to create and perform alongside NGYT a most brilliant youth theatre with talent and commitment in equal measure!"
Nathan Curry
Tangled Feet

"Love NGYT - amazing energy and ensemble community!"
Fourth Monkey

"A fantastic organisation with a 'you can do' ethos at the heart of everything."

"You guys have been an absolute delight to work with! I have been so impressed and moved by your enthusiasm and commitment throughout."
Celine McKillon
Project Manager Imagine Festivals

"I think being a part of NGYT has made me more confident and made me realise that even though I'm not very big yet I can still do a lot"

"NGYT surprised me. I had high expectations given their previous work, but was not expecting them to get the crux of this complex issue and portray it in such an effective and sensitive way. Their insightful writing and the sheer power of their performance had exactly the desired effect on our audience."
Simon Bullock
Policy Works

"NGYT is unlike anything else out there. You genuinely care and work with the young people and it has changed my son's life. I don’t know how he would have been able to cope with all the complexities of teenage life without having NGYT there. It’s been a lifesaver and a haven and has given him so many skills and abilities to take with him for the whole of his life. You should be on NHS prescription!"

"Caring just doesn’t stop when the kids leave the dance hall... it’s ongoing. Like they are your own!
Clearly see the kids have the upmost respect for you! Always positive vibes!