NGYT Taleshakers

Once a month across Luton, NGYT open their doors to children aged 0-6 years (who can sit) and their parents and carers.

This 45 minute session is the perfect playground for little but large imaginations to run wild and free.

NGYT’s experienced team will deliver a theatrical and dance based experience that will allow the children the opportunity to explore, play, dance, imagine and make their first memories of theatre alongside their parents and carers.

"We always have an amazing time and are blown away by the enthusiastic and friendly staff."

"I absolutely loved the chance to play alongside my daughter and just be silly. The NGYT team have created something special."

"Fantastic morning of fun and music! My son loved it and is still shaking his tail feather!"

"She was very shy when she arrived and now she doesn't want to leave"

"We loved it and will definitely be back again!"


We look forward to shaking a 'tale' with you all soon!

If before then your little ones have birthdays and turn 3+ then take a look at our timetable, pick a group and send them along for a free trial. We’d love to welcome them into the #NGYTfamily

Timetable & Fees