NGYT Dance Classes

We offer a range of dance classes and opportunities for students aged 4+. Our classes are for all abilities and in a variety of styles.

Dance classes for (4 – 11 years)

These classes are to popular chart music and are designed to develop confidence and social skills as well as dance and acting technique. All the classes centre around having fun while learning and encourage the children to become expressive performers.  The style of dance is Commercial Street Dance and students are challenged with a variety of skills and routines.

Commercial Street Dance Class (11+)

An hour long class working on creating routines in a street dance style.  Classes are fast paced, fun and energetic.  Students learn routines to popular street dance and chart music and are challenged to learn a variety of street and commercial dance techniques.

Contemporary Dance (6 – 14 years)

These classes are designed to introduce young dancers to the world of Contemporary Dance.  Lessons consist of learning ballet/contemporary technique as well as basic lifts, contact work, routines and creating their own choreography.  Classes encourage creativity and work on developing each students individual dance style.  The work done in these classes looks at preparing dancers as possible candidates for the Youth Dance Company when they are older.

Contemporary Dance (age 11+)

An hour long session that focuses on various contemporary techniques with the aim of developing core strength and basic dance technique to help create a well rounded dancer.  As well as focusing on technique dancers will be encouraged to devise their own work.

Contemporary Technique (11 – 14 years)

A half an hour class to develop the dance technique and core strength required for contemporary dance.

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