NGYT Alumni

Dayna Mullane

Part of NGYT 2012-2017
BA Hons Media Practice at University of Sussex

“I have loved every minute of being with NGYT from the classes to company. I’ve managed to learn so much from even the littlest of people and it has allowed me to be more creative and strengthen me as a person”

Emily Rose

Part of NGYT 2014-2016
BA Hons Dance and Professional Practice at the University of Bedfordshire.

“NGYT has been the backbone for me during this period in my life; The perfect preparation leading up to Uni. They are family to me and they are right at the heart of young people chasing their dreams no matter their background or personal circumstances. I feel a connection with them all as they never pass judgement and welcome everyone. The directors of NGYT inspire me because they have children and are still making things happen which has given me inspiration as a Mother myself. NGYT push, challenge and pull out talent within young people to better their skills but this is all done within a loving family unit.”

Bronte James

Part of NGYT 2013-2016
BA Hons Dance
“Being a part of NGYT dance company has been an amazing experience! Having teachers and dancers who are as passionate about dance as I am has been fab. I have learnt so many things from NGYT that have helped me with Uni and will also help me in the future! It was a great experience to be part of such a creative company and dance alongside such talented dancers!”

Charmaine Zinyemba

Part of NGYT 2012-2016
BA (Hons) Theatre and Professional Practice at University of Bedfordshire

“My experience at NGYT was honestly life changing as it made me certain that I wanted to pursue a career in theatre. NGYT provided me with so many opportunities that have helped me be where I am now and will definitely benefit me in the future also. I have really enjoyed my time at NGYT and am especially thankful for David and Laura”

Corey Conroy

Part of NGYT 2012-2016
BA (Hons) in Theatre and Professional Practice at the University of Bedfordshire

“NGYT not only helped me as an actor but also improved my ability to work as a member of an ensemble and as a practitioner. I can honestly say I don’t believe I would be at uni had it not been for NGYT”

Shaquille Brathwaite

Part of NGYT 2012-2015
BA Hons Dance at University of Chichester.
“Joining NGYT was easily the best decision I have ever made. Without the guidance of David and Laura there is no way I would be where I am now. Throughout my time at NGYT not only did I gain valuable experience in performing but also in teaching as I had the pleasure of working for the company as a street dance teacher. I was able to learn so much in such a small amount of time and I know everything I learned whilst I was there I will continue to use for the rest of my career. #NGYTFAMILYFOREVER”

Shelby Hannon

Part of NGYT 2012-2015
BA (Hons) Drama And Italian at Royal Holloway University of London.
 “Firstly, NGYT provided me with real professional experience as a performer! Performing in places, such as at Brighton Fringe Festival and the Royal Opera House, this gave me real insight into the life of a performer. This for me meant that I had every certainty that performing was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! These experiences gave me a platform to progress further in the professional world. (And impressive experience for my CV!) which also made a favourable candidate when I applied for my university degree. 
Secondly, teaching for NGYT gave me experiences and lessons that I will use for the rest of my life! Managing classes and choreographing is now my life and I am currently the captain of my university’s champion Hip Hop Dance Team! And I spend the majority of my time at university dancing and choreographing! All of my creations revolve around a physical and imaginative style of theatre and I thank my experience at NGYT for allowing me to know how to do this well. My current creations involve African contemporary influences and I am very excited to return to NGYT and hopefully collaborate in the near future to help me along with my degree. “

Luke Bigg

Part of NGYT 2012-2014
1st Class BA (Hons) in Performing Arts at De Monfort University

“Looking back on my time as part of the NGYT Company, the benefit it had on preparing me for both later study and the professional industry is second to none. The focus on contemporary practice gave me a great foundation for creating my own work for modern audiences. NGYT instilled in me a love for the arts through the passion and commitment of its excellent teachers and staff. The varied range of disciplines offered by NGYT enabled me to develop myself as a performer, from dance lessons to acting and vocal workshops, not only did NGYT help to develop my skills, my experiences with the company helped shape who I am and what I do today.”

Darina McMorrow

Intensive Musical Theatre Course at PPA
Part of NGYT 2014-2017

“My experience at NGYT has been highly creative and has shaped me as an actor. NGYT has touched my heart and has also made me learn a lot about myself. I have loved every company we’ve had and of course our directors”

Kirstie Johnston

Part of NGYT 2012-2014
1st Class BA (Hons) in Performing Arts at De Monfort University

“I loved my time at NGYT and it gave me a completely different view of how theatre can be made through a devising process which set me up to build upon with a degree in this area”

Matt Hall

Part of NGYT 2012-2014
I work at a primary school in Luton. I will soon be completing my degree to become a teacher.

“A few words; utterly brilliant. A highly creative and professional experience; the skills in which I gained at NGYT will follow me throughout my career.”

Jessica Bourne

Part of NGYT 2012-2015
BA (Hons) Theatre Arts at Middlesex University

“David and Laura provided me with experiences and opportunities I would be hard pushed to find anywhere else, and for that I will always be grateful. As company members, we were always listened to and scripts were created with and around us, pieces of theatre telling our own stories based on our own experiences. Two hours every week encouraged us to thrive as performers and creators; weeks with extra rehearsals were never a chore as we were always doing the things we loved,  surrounded by our best friends. Those three years helped to further develop me as a person, growing in self-confidence and fueling my desire to never work outside of the arts. My time at NGYT will always be held dear and even now I will occasionally feel a pang of jealousy on a Monday or a Tuesday night, knowing that something amazing is happening at The Hat Factory in Luton.”

Lauren Williams

Part of NGYT 2012 – 2015
BA (Hons) Performing Arts at De Monfort University

“My experience at NGYT was one of a kind, like nothing you’ll find anywhere else. Not only did I learn such valuable lessons in the world of theatre and the performing arts but also made lifelong memories and some wonderful friends along the way. I was lucky enough to receive some fantastic experiences and opportunities throughout my time at NGYT which I’ll forever be grateful for. It’s helped me grow not only as a performing
artist but as a person too. My NGYT experience was an amazing adventure; one that I’d never change in a million years!”

Forrest Jones

Part of NGYT 2016-2017
BA Hons Acting at Bath Spa
“NGYT has been an experience I will never forget. By being a part of such an amazing group I have been supported to become a better actor. I’ve loved every second of it and wish I didn’t have to leave.”

 Rhyanna Lewis- Brown

Part of NGYT 2015 – 2016
BA (Hons) Festival Managements with Drama Studies At De Montfort University

“NGYT was the best thing that I’ve ever done. It has helped me grow as a  person and an actor, as well as giving me some unforgettable memories.  My passion for the arts has grown all because of NGYT and what they offer and provide to young people. It’s been a time of my life I will not forget and I cannot wait to come back and see all of the amazing work the company members have been working on!”

Sam Edmunds

Part of NGYT 2012-2015
BA (Hons) in Acting and Contemporary Theatre at East 15 Acting School.

“NGYT provided teaching that no other institution could offer me at that age. Putting the students at the heart of all of their work allowed us to thrive and develop as creatives, as well as make friends and enjoy the arts. The experience I gained was invaluable and I will never forget my time spent at NGYT.”