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On Tuesday 22nd November we were delighted to welcome Steve Green, Co- Founder and Artistic Director of Fourth Monkey to work with our Theatre Company at The Hat Factory.

Fourth Monkey

To say we loved the workshop is an understatement!

Take a look at a few pictures from the night and read all about it in our interview with Molly, Caitlin, Rhys, Michelle, Hannah and Elise.

Q1. What 5 words would describe your experience of the Fourth Monkey workshop?

Elise- Bizarre but brilliant, innovative, challenging.

Michelle- Exciting, insightful, enriching, interesting, beneficial.


Q.2 what links can you make to our work at NGYT?

Sam- Ensemble togetherness, listening to each member and reacting accordingly.

Hannah- Both companies always aim to make bold, exciting theatre with an emphasis on the ensemble!


Q.3 What was the stand out bit of advice you received tonight?

Molly- To listen more when I’m acting and to ground myself.  To think less about how I’m moving onstage and just do.

Caitlin- Be more daring with movements and choices, and to play more.


Q.4 What do you now realise you need to do in order to develop your craft?

Rhys- To always trust what my body is doing, to take risks and not hold back.

Michelle- I need to stop thinking and start trusting my impulses more, in order to make my performance more real and honest in terms of physicality and verbal response.


Q.5 How would you describe Fourth Monkey’s approach to someone who doesn’t know their work?

Hannah- Fourth Monkey’s approach to acting is physicalised, using every part of yourself as an actor to tell a story. They encourage you to have creative freedom to explore and experiment, very much like NGYT!

Michelle- Very free and liberating, giving actors the creative freedom to act on their own physical and verbal impulses. I think this very easily translates into performance – by preventing actors from over-thinking their actions, the piece becomes more raw and honest.

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