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Hi Guys!

As you may already know I am (soon to be ‘was’) the intern for NGYT and The Luton Library Theatre, which has gained me the lengthy but very professional, title of… *drumroll* Community Arts Engagement Assistant/ Trainee Theatre Producer.

I started my journey with NGYT in 2014 when I auditioned for the Theatre Company and began to volunteer in the Drama and Musical Theatre classes. I finished my studies at Luton Sixth Form college and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I did what all students do who have no clue what to do; I took a gap year. After a year and a half and a quarter life crisis I decided a career in the arts was what I wanted. So when the internship position came up I thought this would be the ideal thing to get me started in my career.

Through out the internship I have learnt LOADS about how a theatre company works and that there’s so much more involved than I originally thought. I’ve also learnt how to sound extremely professional in an email (if I do say so myself). As the role has progressed I have been given the freedom to start working on my own projects, whilst still having support from David and Laura.

I really feel I’ve grown in confidence within a professional arts setting and able to express my own opinions. Most notably I headed up the marketing campaign for our dance theatre piece #whatshesaid, I’ve assisted a Nina Gold Casting, I’ve spoken at the Luton Cultural Partners network launch, I have minuted some really exciting meetings (all will be revealed soon), the list could go on and on.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity as I know this sort of thing isn’t widely available to people my age in Luton. I want to thank David and Laura for helping me gain the experience and confidence to work in the arts and start my career. I also want to thank the NGYT Family for putting up with me and also helping me along the journey.

Even though the internship is ending, this will not be the end of my journey within NGYT and I look forward to working on projects with them in the future.

Molls The Intern out! PEACE!

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