Meet our team

Laura Lloyd | BA HONS
Founder/ Co- Artistic Director

Laura has been teaching dance and drama for over 10 years in a variety of settings including specialist dance/performing arts schools as well as in formal education in schools and colleges. Laura has a wealth of performance experience, which she brings to her teaching. She believes that anyone can perform and encourages her students regardless of ability. Laura teaches a range of styles and the key to her lessons is fun. Laura has had the opportunity to work with professional touring companies on shows including ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘The Wiz’ where she worked as the children’s movement and acting coach. Many of her students have performed in theatres across the UK, in film and on national TV.

As a director/choreographer Laura has worked on a range of shows from professional dance/theatre, in which she has also performed, to school productions. She has choreographed for the BBC and most recently created work for Big Dance at the Love Luton Festival, Cancer Research UK’s event Relay for Life, Keech Hospice and Luton Culture.

With David, Laura co devised the award winning youth theatre piece ‘RIP NED’, ‘The Butterfly Catcher’ and ‘In Doing Nothing I Found Me’ and the critically acclaimed dance theatre pieces ‘The Little Things’, ‘Love for Dummies’ and ‘What She Said’.

Most memorable theatrical experience:
“I am in love with Christopher Bruce’s dance piece “Rooster”. Set to the songs of the Rolling Stones it’s cool and sassy! Like me ;)”

My local hidden gem/hero:
“There is a lady in this town who I really respect. I can’t name her as she would be embarrassed but she is the most selfless, kind and generous person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She never makes a fuss or asks for thanks she just goes quietly about her business and touches the lives of more people than many realise.”

I can’t live without…
“My family. Love my boys and the NGYT family. Cheesey but true!”

David Lloyd | BA HONS MA QTS
Founder/ Co-Artistic Director
David has been teaching Drama for over 10 years in a vast range of settings. Having taught Drama at various private Theatre Arts Schools for over 6 years, David then went on to work as a Drama Specialist at Richmond Hill Special Needs School in Luton. Prior to achieving his QTS, David gained much experience working in EBD schools and Higher Education as a Cover teacher. David then went on to become Head of Drama at Ashcroft High School in Luton for 6 years before returning to his other passion, teaching special needs children.

David trained at The Prestigious East 15 Acting School and gained his MA in Acting for TV, Film and Radio. Upon graduation David was signed by an agency and spent over 2 years working as an actor in Theatre, TV, Film and Radio. As a Director, David has worked on a number of student plays, devised pieces and musical theatre productions, most notably ‘Home Can Be Anywhere’, ‘That Night Follows Day’, ‘Hairspray’ and ‘We Will Rock You’.

Since starting NGYT David has written and directed the award winning youth theatre pieces ‘RIP NED’, ‘The Butterfly Catcher’ and ‘In Doing Nothing I Found Me’ and the critically acclaimed dance/theatre shows ‘The Little Things’, ‘The Pity Party’, and ‘What She Said’.

Most memorable theatrical experience:
“It’s a battle between Jack Thorne’s ‘When you cure me’ or The Musical ‘Matilda’ (what can I say I have eclectic taste)”

My local hidden gem/hero:
“Gelato Heaven…well worth popping in and grabbing some amazing homemade ice cream.”

I can’t live without…
“Liverpool FC and Sky sports news. And don’t get me started about transfer deadline day.”

Lauren Segal
Contemporary and Street Dance Teacher/ Creative Outreach Team

Lauren is a Freelance Dance Artist from Luton and began her professional dance training at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds. In 2009 she continued her studies at University of Surrey and graduated in 2012 with a First class BA (hons) in Dance and Culture.
Throughout her studies, Lauren performed for various artists and began leading and performing in dance drawing workshops for professional artists. Lauren also featured in a dance film by Roswitha Chesher commissioned by Big Dance for the Cultural Olympiad. In pursuit of her Master’s degree at University of Chichester, Lauren performed for Mapdance Company in their 2013 UK Tour and graduated in October 2014.

Alongside ongoing performance projects, Lauren has been teaching for NGYT since September 2014 where she lead and assisted the 7-11 Junior Contemporary Dance Class and Performed for NGYT’s Youth Dance Company. In September 2015 Lauren will be teaching the 11+ Contemporary Dance Class & continuing to dance for the Company, and can’t wait!

Lauren believes that collaboration (of different areas in the arts) and encouragement of the ownership of material is the key to creating unique and rich arts experiences for young people. That is why she focuses her dance classes around expression, creativity, and improvisation- and of course fun!

My most memorable theatrical experience:
“It’s a toss up between watching Laila Diallo’s ‘sense of self’ one of the early dance theatre pieces that made my jaw drop. And also being front row centre of a broadway cast performance of ‘Hair’, being pulled onstage and Gavin Creel calling me ‘cute’ *swoon*”

My Local hero:
“Those wonderful people at Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue who do amazing things and help so many beautiful animals in the area.”

I can’t live without…
“Chocolate.. Any kind and I think I’m addicted! & Pasta! I love carbs- what dancer doesn’t?!”

Hannah Kelly
NGYT Administrative Assistant/ Drama Teacher/ Creative Outreach Team

Hannah graduated from Bath Spa University with a 1:1 BA Hons Degree in Acting. She has since been working professionally, enjoying various roles such as Chloe in the play ‘Nightflyer’ and Amelia in the feature film ‘Devoid’. Hannah has been funded by the Arts Council England to put on an original piece ‘Mundane Blues’ for the Imagine Luton festival alongside two other Luton based artists. She has also been very fortunate to have taken part in various acting opportunies through NGYT such as Ryland Heath’s music video ‘Coming on to Me’ and a Theatre in Education piece, ‘Activhate’. Hannah is also a co-founder of the film production company Four Faced Films and is excited to create their first piece. Hannah is proud to be a part of the NGYT family and is passionate about Luton and it’s young people. She is constantly inspired by the creativity, commitment and energy of the young people and feels incredibly lucky to be a part of it. Hannah has directed various pieces for NGYT within the classes. She recently led the project ‘Rediscovered’, where she created historical pieces with three schools and one NGYT class. These pieces took place at Wardown Park Museum in a promenade theatre event as part of the re-opening. This has been one of Hannah’s most challenging and rewarding projects to date. She loves being a part of Next Generation Youth Theatre and is incredibly excited for what’s to come.

Most memorable theatrical experience:
“It’s definitely between ‘People, Places and Things’ and ‘Yerma’. Both pieces were very visceral and equally beautiful. Theatre should make you feel something, both plays went above and beyond!

My local hidden gem/hero:
My Nanny Kit. I’ve never met someone so kind and selfless. She also has a brilliant sense of humour, or ‘Irish Craic.’

I can’t live without…
Tea. Nothing beats a brew!

Molly Sims
NGYT Marketing Assistant/ Outreach Drama Teacher

Most memorable theatrical experience?
“Woman in Black on a high school trip, forgetting the fact that I got so scared I thought I was going to die having diet coke poured all over me and getting stuck behind a theatre seat (long story). This was the first piece of professional theatre I saw and made me decide that performing was what I wanted to do. And ‘Wicked’. You’ve just got to love Wicked! Just anything that makes me want to get up and join in.”

My local hidden gem/hero:
“Planet shakes! Could have gone deep and meaningful but the milkshakes are insane!”

I can’t live without…
“Music, films and moments where you can sing and dance like nobody’s watching.”